Astorga-Santiago 2015

In September this year I decided to go for another Zen top-up Camino from Astorga to Santiago, even though I had already been there in March for my honeymoon. The disappearance of Denise Thiem, a fellow peregrina, and subsequent discovery of her body not far from Astorga only made me more determined to walk it, for her, for me, to not give in to fear of walking it alone. So I went – again – and had a great time again!

Day 1 – Astorga to Rabanal

Day 2 – Rabanal to Acebo

Day 3 – Acebo to Molinaseca

Day 4 – Camponaraya to Villafranca

Day 5 – Herrerias to Fonfria

Day 6 – Triacastela to Sarria

Day 7 – Sarria to Portomarin

Day 8 – Portomarin to Palas de Rei

Day 9 – Palas de Rei to Casa Milia

Day 10 – Casa Milia to Pedrouzo

Day 11 – Pedrouzo to Santiago

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