About me

Hi and welcome to my little travel and camino blog! I only update it sporadically, when I am planning or am on or have just come home from some form of adventure, when I have something new to tell. Other than that I live a pretty quiet life, working from home, reading a lot and cooking food from the places I have been to keep the memories of my walks alive.

Why the nickname? Nidaros is the old name for Trondheim, my home town, an old pilgrim city at the end of St Olav’s Way in Norway. Its symbol is a rose, hence Nidarosa.

I started my long walks by doing the Camino Ingles, from Ferrol in the north-west of Spain, to Santiago in 2009. It confirmed that I had some of the kit and most of the attitude right, and I have been refining both ever since.

I then walked a portion of the Caminho Portugues from Tui in 2010, before struggling to find the time, money and company to walk the Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago in August to October 2012. Though I started with company I walked on my own from Sahagun, though never really alone.

But the Post-Camino Blues hit again and I went back to Astorga in September 2014, to walk my favourite part in Galicia.

… and then I did the same bit again in March 2015 for my honeymoon!

… and since a good thing can not be repeated to often, I went back there again in September the same year. What can I say? I just love Galicia, and September!

I still plan to try some of the other routes too, maybe start from St Jean again with my now camino hooked husband, or do the Caminho Portugues coastal route from Lisbon, or some of the other Spanish ones connecting to the Francés …

And I want to continue slowly and stealthily surrounding the Welsh by following the Welsh Coast Path all around the coastline – Anglesey would be next.

And I have finally found (or rather made) the time and money to walk St Olav’s Way from Oslo to my hometown Trondheim, starting in May 2018! Coming home a pilgrim is something I have dreamt of since I was a teenager, and I can’t wait.




4 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hi Jane, your blog was very helpful – we have now decided to walk it West to East. I will definitely check out the book, thanks for the link – and good luck on your Long Trail!

  1. I am SO happy I met you on the CS Forum and thankful for all of your FB help! When I take breaks these last few busy days before leaving on my first Camino EVER (May 17, 2016), I come in here and read posts…which are thoroughly enjoyable! Tina

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