Honeymoon Camino 2015

For our honeymoon camino in March we booked some accommodation before we went, and sorted the rest on the way. Since it was before Easter, most albergues were closed anyway and this was a couple’s camino so we liked having our own room. We did bring silk bags though, just in case.

The weather was unseasonably warm and glorious for that time of year – thanks, Jimmy! – and we actually never once used our rain gear! We were practically alone on the trail most of the time, probably because we started after albergues had thrown their pilgrims out as well as it being early in the year. An amazing experience and fantastic memories.

Day 1: Astorga – Rabanal, El Refugio  

Day 2Molinaseca, Posada de Muriel  

Day 3Cacabelos, A Gallega, hotel and pulperia

Day 4Trabadelo, motel type place, great service!

Day 5O Cebreiro, Venta Celta – with a roaring fire in the restaurant

Day 6Triacastela, Casa David

Day 7Sarria, Private room at the top of the stairs

Day 8Portomarin, private room et El Caminante

Day 9Palas de Rei, Pension Palas

Day 10Melide, Casa Berenguela

Day 11Salceda, private rom at Albergue turistico Salceda

Day 12SANTIAGO! San Martin Pinerio for two nights, loved it!

2015-03-14 10.19.56

Afterwards we went to Porto for a few hours before we flew out for a five day beach holiday in Portugal. All with just Ryanair hand luggage allowance!

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