Just in case anyone should wonder what it is I am actually carrying, wearing, using and discarding on my walks and travels, I thought I would give a short overview of some of the stuff I wouldn’t go walking without. It might seem a lot, but I actually carry very little. Bear in mind that I am wearing some of it at all times – this list is FSO, From Skin Out – and that layering is the key to regulating temperature.

Here’s the link to my recent packing list.

Here’s my Goldilocks list – the things that are Just Right (for me)

And here’s ClearskiesCamino‘s list for a man’s perspective.

All you need is something that keeps you warm, dry, clean, safe and lets you have a good night’s sleep without weighing a lot. You really don’t need more than two sets of clothes, doing laundry in the afternoon soon becomes a habit and it beats carrying extra weight. There are lots of luggage forwarding services on the Caminos now for those who need it, but having everything you need on your back at all times gives you more freedom and flexibility to stop, stay and change whenever the mood takes you. I personally wouldn’t swap that for walking without a pack and being tied to an end goal every day. Also – even in a daypack you would still need to carry water, snacks, something to keep you warm, something to keep you dry, your first aid stuff and side bag – not really a lot less than a carefully chosen lightweight kit. You’ll be amazed how little you really need.

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