Picking your pack

This possibly useful post was hiding under the Kit menu, so I have republished it here: Since I started seriously planning a long walk back in 2007, my list of what (I thought) I would need to stay warm, dry and comfortable has changed a LOT. You learn by trial and error, and after quite … More Picking your pack

Oh hello!

Not long ago I wrote a blog post about my thinking and reasoning behind finding the right pack. For me, obviously – we all want and need different things. But I think I have done really well! Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate others, and I still check out new models that sound interesting. But all … More Oh hello!

Best laid plans

It was a great plan, one that I still hope will happen one day, soon, this year maybe? But my Celtic camino with my young camiga has been postponed indefinitely because of Life … in this case new life, as she is expecting her first child! The best reason ever to cancel a move and … More Best laid plans