Oh hello!

Not long ago I wrote a blog post about my thinking and reasoning behind finding the right pack. For me, obviously – we all want and need different things. But I think I have done really well! Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate others, and I still check out new models that sound interesting. But all in all, I was content with my lot (ie lots of packs). And then …

Oh hello new Osprey Talon and Tempest models!

Seriously – my only gripe with the Talon and Tempest models has been the lack of top compression straps in the smaller sizes, and the lack of a decent sized panel opener. I have been daydreaming of a 30-something litre version of the 22/20L, with a nice long zip …

Let me introduce you to the Talon 36 and the Tempest 34.

Sooo, let me check that wishlist of mine one more time. Hipbelt, check. Ventilation, check. No lumbar pad. Hand luggage size. Stash pocket, load lifters, inside/out side compression straps, and ventilated harness, all check. Lightweight, like all Talon/Tempest models. Size adjustable, even in new and hopefully improved size ranges! And now also with top compression straps! And though not exactly panel loading, they do have a bucket zip opening! There is also a 26/24L version with bucket opening but it would be too small for most who intend to carry their own kit. (I know because I ordered it and tried. And returned it.) But the Tempest comfort and fit in a 34L bucket version …

What’s a girl to do?

Expect review with pics soon.

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