Top pilgrim tip: Brita filter bottle

I have always been a water snob. I am Norwegian and used to drinking crystal clear, cold, clean water, and can’t stand chlorinated and smelly water no matter how safe it is.

I have also always tried to avoid excess plastic waste, and didn’t want to be one of the many, many pilgrims (and other non-walking folk) who keep buying bottled water and creating mountains of empty bottles. I know, most of them will reuse the bottle, but not very long in the Spanish heat.

And I don’t like the idea of taking a water bladder – out of sight, out of mind, you can’t see how much is left, and I worry about the fiddly topping up and cleaning. Imagine sucking in hot water that has been warmed up in the drinking tube, or from a water bladder with lots of bacteria in it …

And since I don’t really want to drink tap water out of a metal or plastic bottle anyway, imagine my joy when I found an infinitely reusable bottle with replaceable filter discs in! Filtered and tasty water, without the waste or mess! The Brita Active filter bottle is exactly what I need and I never go anywhere without it.

Not only can you top it up with tap water – I carry a 1L collapsible water bag which I fill with tap water when I need extra hydration, and top up my 0.6L filter bottle as I go – but you can also tip it upside down and squeeze out filtered water for someone else. I usually leave the cap at home but it works well as a drinking cup for water or … er, you know, wine. Just replace the filter every so often, replacements are cheap and easy to find, and you have a reusable filter bottle for all your adventures, or even for the office and home use.

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