I did the packing photo thing!

I never thought I would, and I might not again, but here it is – my packing list in folded and laid-out form. Of course I forgot my sleeping bag, which was still hanging about drying after getting a permethrin spray yesterday, and my shoes, which are in the hall – out of sight, out of mind – and my Pacerpoles waiting for me in Rabanal.

As you can see, this is all highly scientific and arranged in neatish rows. From the left: Green Tempest 30 pack topped with money belt (for sleeping) incl small torch and earplugs; first aid and kitchenware, then sandals, spare insoles and knee braces below.

Second row: Wind jacket, merino dress, black SPF shirt, short and long merino tights.

Third row: Down jacket (possibly exchanged last minute for merino zip fleece), topped with merino and plain buff, white scarf with silver shells (obviously), then the walking gear: trousers, white SPF shirt, thin merino long sleeve top, ultralight tech top and a merino vest for sleeping in or extra layer for cold mornings.

On the right: Thin merino gloves, Altus ultralight zipped poncho in a mesh pouch, walking buff with neoprene peak; three silnylon drybags topped with my always-bag with chargers, clothes line, this and that; toiletries bag incl towel, and finally my underwear bag with underwear which stays firmly in the bag while photography takes place.

All this has since been divided into the colour coded drybags; the undies one, one for walking clothes, one for evening clothes and one for sleeping bag and down jacket (unless I leave it at home).

Oh and there’s the sidebag too, with passport, tickets, credencial, notebook, mobile, small purse etc, worn across the body under the pack at all times.

And all that, including empty filter water bottle but without the walking gear, which I am currently wearing, came in at a tidy 5.65 kg! Very pleased with that, as are my knees.

That’s it! I’m off!

7 thoughts on “I did the packing photo thing!

  1. Oh you make it look so easy 😀 Those photos… those mountains… I wish I was coming too! have a great time ❤

    1. But it is easy! Once you have mulled over any and all possible kit combinations and dithered endlessly until you actually *have to* go! I have to admit that I took the photo mostly for my own sake, to remind myself for next time… Though odds are I will enjoy a few good dither then too 😁 If you win the lottery, get a taxi and catch me up!

  2. Did you ship your poles to Rabanal? How did you arrange for that? I would love to take my own, but don’t plan on checking anything so will probably buy new ones overseas (hoping I find ones similar to what I have, which I love).

  3. Hi Rachelle! I agree with you about not checking any part of the camino equipment, in case it goes missing. I use Pacerpoles, which aren’t available anywhere but from the manufacturer (pacerpole.com), so I always post my poles to my first night’s accommodation. I always prebook the first night anyway and I also ask/let them know I will be sending the poles so they know to expect them, and mark them with my name and the date I am staying. I ship them by registered mail too for peace of mind. It has never been a problem, and yes, my poles were waiting for me in Rabanal and the hospitalero was itching to see what they were and how they worked!

  4. Good morning Rachelle. You’ve done great service to the Camino pilgrims, hikers, travelers and wonderers as they travel to, or have travelled to Santiago de Compostela. We (family) have enjoyed every single one of your video documentaries. My family hope to see soon the remaining chapters, from Day 32 to 35 (?). Thank you. (

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