The day before the day before

Tomorrow I leave home, though I won’t be flying out until the day after. Every last bit of packing has to be done by the time I walk out the door tomorrow – eek!

I know I will forget something, I just hope it won’t be my mobile charger lead, because it’s different than my old one. But so far I have, in no particular order:

  • Sprayed my pack and sleeping bag with permethrin
  • Played about with my visual packing list and made my pack lighter
  • Done the final laundry so everything is nice and clean
  • Placed two S karabiners in the hipbelt pockets so I can clip my shoes together in the albergue, to stop anyone taking the wrong pair off the shelf in the morning
  • Packed a spare pair of insoles in case/for when my non-goretex shoes get soaking wet – with dry insoles and socks I’ll be fine
  • Put my reflective slap bands in my sidebag for added security when walking by roads
  • Unsubscribed to email newsletters etc to save data in Spain
  • Tightly rolled up some toilet paper and packed a dog poop bag for emergencies – it could happen to you or anyone you walk with at any time, and we don’t like leaving things behind, do we?
  • Checked that there are absolutely no creams, liquids or even fish oil capsules anywhere but in the ziplock bag for going through security!
  • Checked in online for my flights and printed out my bus ticket
  • Checked the long term weather forecast on for a few of the places I will be passing through on the relevant dates, and delightedly decided to leave the rain trousers at home
  • Double checked that I am taking the right and most recent guidebook!
  • Printed out my address label to stick on my poles when I post them back from Santiago (much cheaper than checking them in)
  • Transferred one debit and one credit card plus last year’s leftover euros to my small camino purse/wallet
  • Put everything I need to wear for the journey there in my packable bag, ready to go in the morning

So far, so good, I am definitely getting ready to go!

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