The 1000 Mile Challenge

I have signed up for the 1000 Mile Challenge again this year and have bought the badge to attract the attention of other ‘badgers’.

The idea is that you choose your own walks, where and when you like, and log your miles (or kms) throughout the year, aiming to clock up at least 1000 miles (or 1610 kms) in total. There are magazines, online groups to join, logging charts to fill in etc – and of course the badge! But first and foremost it is a challenge for yourself to help make you get out more. I work from home so … challenge accepted!

An additional challenge for me will be to beat last year’s total of 2400 kms or near enough 1500 miles, but half of that was achieved over the course of the camino walk from Estella to Finisterra. I’ll really have to up my game if I want to beat that without another long walk … which sounds lovely, but at the moment I have no concrete plans for more than two weeks on the camino this coming year. Regular walks at home are also very beneficial for your health and wellbeing!

Will you join the challenge?

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