CF Day 14 – Boadilla to Carrion de los Condes

I really don’t like walking in the dark. In the dusk I can do, so I can see my shadow slowly forming in front of me and try in vain to photograph the sunrise, but not in the dark, when you can’t see the ground or the landscape. Don’t like walking by flashlight either. But the heat was getting to us and we had to change something, so this morning we had decided to start early. Basically in the dark.

I had developed my usual two pressure blisters on the rim of my heel and had also done some light roadside surgery on them, so I thought I would be OK on the flat dirt track from Boadilla via the canal and into Fromista, and by then it would be light and time for a toastie. After a quick coffee at the albergue next door, off we went. In the dark.

The problem was the path wasn’t as flat as I remembered – it was full of little stones and gravel! I couldn’t see them and kept getting them just on the sore spots on my heels. I was soo happy I had Hokas with chunky, shock absorbing soles. I was however not so happy to be walking in the dark. (Have I mentioned I don’t like it much?)

Oh I know it was pretty. No doubt about it. I just didn’t feel right – too early in the morning, maybe, or too much concentration to avoid the stones on the ground, or something I ate the night before. I tried to focus on the surroundings, and by the time we got to Fromista, the sky was blue and it was time for second breakfast.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong though. We rested a bit longer to see if a few Aquarius would sort it out, but it just got worse. So when we met an Irish gentleman with huge blisters who was looking to get a bus to Carrion, I reluctantly decided to join him. I just didn’t have the energy. While we waited for the bus, I gradually started feeling a bit sick, and we decided to get a taxi and get there sooner rather than later.

Arriving in Carrion de los Condes our room wasn’t ready, but the lady took one look at me and said she would get it done asap. I left my pack and went downstairs to sit in the sun with some iced water and managed to eat some bread. No energy or interest in sightseeing – I just wanted my bed. When my room was ready I went straight to sleep.

By the time the Scouse Spouse arrived, I told myself I was feeling better, so we took advantage of the laundry service where we stayed and spent some time sitting in the shade on the square, pilgrim watching and catching up with people we had met before. I couldn’t face a meal though, so we had little tapas instead.

Planning for the next day we decided that walking in the dark was off, but getting up early was definitely on. The walk would start with 17 kms without any services or stops, so we’d need to get going and bring lots of snacks and water and keep a steady pace to avoid the worst heat. I was happy to get back in my bed again!

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