A new level of Camino Chic

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet lately and not exactly posting mileage every other day of this #walk1000miles challenge, or as much as a photo of a refreshing clear and cold winter walk. That’s because I am stuck to the laptop working, for one, and also because my knee suddenly and for no reason flared up – after sitting still for ages! Doc confirmed an inflammation and it went down with some ice and ibuprofen, but two weeks later it still isn’t right and I can’t walk down stairs normally. Not great for setting off on a long walk …

Today I went to see the doc again and explained that I need to know before I go – will I risk damaging my knee if I walk the Sandstone Trail, 55 kms in two days? This is about the only major exercise or training walk we can get in before the Camino calls in March, so if it could do damage I would rather cancel the Sandstone Trail than the Camino. Or should I train more to strengthen it? Not that I have time really but even the exercise bike is better than nothing.

Long story short: I am being sent for an X-ray, have been given exercises to do and will be seeing a physio before I go. I have also been told to have lots of RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. (Memorise it – it might come in handy at some point.)

And under C for Compression (or Camino, or Chic) lurks the elegant hiker outfit staple: The knee support. Luckily it’s just a pull-on sleeve for now, not one with padding or velcro or stays. Mine is a rather fetching orangey natural colour to set off my pale, greenish winter skin, though I intend to get a more trendy one at one point.  Who knew there was such a lot of choice? Camino Chic indeed!

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