Seasons greetings!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas with good food and drink, spending time with loved ones and enjoying your presents and time off. I have had Norwegian jul on the 24th, then English Christmas dinner on the 25th, and am now lounging around as you do, under my lovely, light and warm down blanket. In fact I am thinking of taking it on my next jaunt instead of a sleeping bag, as it is lighter, fully open and very versatile.

Best Christmas presents were a matching pair of Osprey Talon 44s, which are getting hard to find because the new model has come out. I have a West Highland Way guidebook in the post which should have been under the tree, but will be just as fun to read in the new year.

After a project deadline in January I hope to really start planning my trips and travels for 2017. One is already set – we will be repeating our Honeymoon Camino in March so fingers crossed we get the same weather! I also have some plans for September, but nothing is fixed yet, and will go to the Lake District in October to walk with a friend. And then there is that guidebook in the post …

I wish you all a very happy and fulfilling new year with wonderful adventures wherever you are and wherever you go; take care, be thankful and have fun!


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