Hadrian’s Wall Path – Day 8

Waking up in Newcastle on a bright and sunny day, the plan had originally been to walk out to Wallsend and the Segedunum fort museum. However … did I mention it was bright and sunny, and that we were in a city where most walking is done on tarmac? So we decided to get the bus. And as it took us there we were glad we had decided against walking it, as it would have been a cruel anticlimax to the idyllic countryside and views we had had so far. Also when we got to Segedunum it turned out that the bath house was closed due to water damage (?) and that was what I had wanted to see … so we went back on the bus and into town again, visited a pub called the Milecastle and enjoyed the bright lights and delights of the city (the food in Big Mussel in particular).

The next day we got on the train at Newcastle Central station and went back to Liverpool Lime Street, and our Hadrian’s Wall adventure was officially over. It was a good break from everyday reality though, very memorable and something to look back on when winter sets in. And of course I have the photos of That Tree to keep me going!

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