Hadrian’s Wall Path – Day 7

Heddon-on-the-Wall to Newcastle

We woke up to yet another sunny day and yet another English breakfast, served by our lovely host Owen. He and his wife told us we could get past the fence and walk on their fields to catch the path, and off we went. Flat as a pancake, but we appreciated it now – our legs could still feel the effects of the crags.

On our way towards Heddon-on-the-Wall we met the father and son from the next table in the pub, and they could now see with their own eyes the size of our packs. While having a short conversation about their plans for the day, I noticed that the son’s pack was hanging very heavily on his shoulders. I had told them about load lifters (sometimes called tension straps) the night before, but now I noticed that there was second attachment point on the top of the pack. I asked his permission before quickly rethreading the strap and tightening it, and his face said it all. Hopefully his walk will have been a bit more confortable … and he will help spread the word on tightening the load lifting straps! It really can make a huge difference.

DSCN0983When we got to Heddon-on-the-Wall village again, we found that we had nearly an hour to wait for the next bus to Newcastle. So we had a look at the guidebook to find out where the last bit of proper Wall was – there wasn’t much more left of it after this, apparently. We did find it and were a bit sad to see the last of it.

DSCN0984Then it was back to the bus stop and onto the bus to take us past the path, which now went close to the road most of the time, and on tarmac as well, all the way to Newcastle!


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