Guidebook fun!

While walking Hadrian’s Wall Path we used the Trailblazer guidebook with hand drawn maps and lots of info and interesting details written into them to help you pinpoint where you are. The maps can be read both ways and the book worked surprisingly well even though we walked the ‘other’ (right!) way.

The link above will take you to their website and the new edition with the new cover.

The one we had, looked like this:

Hadrians guidebokSo when we found ourselves on that particular part of the Wall, this happened:
Hadrians guidebok Ron Here they are side by side for your viewing pleasure.

Hadrians guidebokHadrians guidebok Ron

Well, it would be rude not to, surely? We had a great laugh setting it up, and since we have already decided on and ordered the guidebook for our new adventure … watch this series!

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