Hadrian’s Wall Path – Day 0

Getting there and packing list

We started our Hadrian’s Wall Path adventure by almost missing the train from Liverpool Lime Street to Wigan due to organiser error … luckily the Scouse Spouse asked how long the train journey would be and this made me double check! He caught the train straight after work, I met him with our carefully packed backpacks, and we did get on the right train at the right time and arrived in Carlisle around ten in the evening. It turned out the County Hotel, where I had booked us in for two nights, was just across the road from the station, so we checked in, dumped the packs and went out to the nearest pub for a celebratory drink and settling into holiday mode. Then it was early to bed to make sure we got the 9.35 bus out to Bowness.

We packed light, as usual: His pack is 33 litres, mine is 30. We both had a rain poncho, one jacket, one fleece, two merino T-shirts, one merino long sleeve, two pairs of trousers, an assortment of underwear and socks, and of course our non-Goretex shoes and sandals for back-up. I also had my lightweight merino cardigan and two infinity Buffs for evening glamour and warmth, Scouse Spouse had a shirt which was again never used (I swear one day I will leave it out and he will want it). Add to that toiletries, first aid stuff and a regular Buff each and that’s the lot. We carried some water, depending on how far it was to the next watering hole, and some peanuts for snacking. Oh, and I had brought one lightweight walking pole, mostly to feel braver when walking through fields with bulls.

Would it be enough? Would the shoes work or were the boot wearers right all along? Time would tell …

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