Hadrian’s Wall is happening!

The Scouse Spouse has now booked time off work for our Hadrian’s Wall Path walk later this summer. We are set on walking it West to East and treating ourselves to B&B, hotel and pub/inn accommodation, so while he was out yesterday I sat down and looked through two guidebooks plus the interactive planning website … and then booked all but one of our stays. When reading through one of the guidebooks in more detail later, it seems I have managed to book three of the ‘must visit’ places on the path, so I am rather pleased with self. Still waiting for the last place to get back to us but I am not worried about ending up sleeping rough. If all else fails we will just get the AD122 bus to the next place or back to the last one.

The main thing is that we have our train tickets up to Carlisle and back from Newcastle – top tip, go to The Trainline to book if you can! I got some cheap advance tickets on the National Rail website and the rest on The Trainline, though I had to cut the journey in Manchester and get new tickets from there, no great bother as we are saving just under £100 for each of us! Yes, for each of us! Well worth a bit of internet research. This money will come in handy as B&Bs on the HWP are not cheap. Luckily the hotel in Carlisle and the Travelodge in Newcastle evened out the cost a bit.

Now all we need to do is start walking in our boots again to make sure we don’t get surprise blisters or pains from them. I was hoping we could walk it in our shoes, just like we can walk the camino in them even though most people insist you need boots, but it might not be worth taking that chance. Time to start putting the miles into the legs in preparation!

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