Hadrian’s Wall planning

At the moment the Scouse Spouse and I are planning on a quick holiday walking Hadrian’s Wall in the North of England, but it’s early days – Do we want to go westwards or eastwards? Camping or B&B-ing it? What time of year? How busy is it? – so for now I’ll be posting links here that might be of interest to you as well as me. It’s just easier having it all in one place for planning purposes … click the name of the site to open in new window.

The National Trail website has a Hadrian’s Wall section with lots of info, downloadable leaflets and even a shop for sew-on badges and credencial-like passports to stamp along the way!

The Visit Hadrian’s Wall website also has lots of info, not just on the route.

There are also some good blogs about the walk – please let me know if you know one about someone walking the ‘wrong’ way!

I found one: Woman on Her Way writes about walking West to East.

The Walking Englishman writes about his walk the ‘right’ way.

Rucksack Rose has a very good and informative post (as usual) about it too.

4 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall planning

    1. Hi Mike, I’m glad you did! Wow, that’s an amazing wealth of information to delve into before we go! Thanks for the link, I have posted it on the main planning page too.

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