… and suddenly it’s April, and I am supposed to fly out to Porto later this month! How did that happen? How does it always happen? I feel like I have missed a month or something. The truth is, I have been trying to get stuff done to make room for my four week walk with my dear camiga Nanci, and while I was busy doing that, time skipped quietly ahead!

Though I am not quite at panic stations yet – I do have some experience in packing now, and suspect I could do it blindfolded, on pure muscle memory – I have started micropacking. Yesterday I emptied out the cables, chargers, power bank and sundry stuff from my cable bag, swapped a slow charger for a brand new fast charger, removed superfluous cables … then back into the pack. One thing done!

This morning I went to order new socks as the ones from last time were looking a bit tatty … but then I emptied my kit box, and there were three pairs, brand new, ready to go! Must have bought them in the sales and forgot. Either way, my socks and underwear collection is now updated and laundered and nicely packed. Another off the list.

And for the last month I have been testing shampoo bars and lip balms, SPF face cream and solid lotion bars. I am slowly populating the clear airport ziplock bag with bottles and tubs and tubes though they will go in my checked bag; the ziplock will come in handy en route, when all the liquids have been spread out to their rightful places. For now it’s just easier to have them all in one place for instant stock checks (ie to stave off mild panic).

Right now I am sitting here waiting for a phone call and checking that all my useful camino apps are present and correct on my new phone: AlertCops, What3Words, Wise Pilgrim, Google Translate with offline Spanish pack … I have set the lock screen to a recent, recognisable – more important than flattering! – photo of me in pilgrim mode, so in case God forbid I should lose it, it’s easy to prove that it is mine. I have also added my Scouse Spouse’s phone number on it in case of emergency.

And so the countdown to departure begins – not with a bang but with a whimper and some micropacking, laundry, restocking purchases and a lot of trying and failing. Next week I shall probably be panicking.

Happy Easter or similar to those that do, enjoy your days off and try to get a nice walk in!

6 thoughts on “Micropacking

  1. Just discovered your very professional-looking blog, which is going to entertain me this Sunday morning. Why didn’t I know about it before? As I’ve been having trouble with my app BlogTouch, I’m tempted to migrate to WordPress – but have I time to master it in the two weeks left before I set out for my next Camino (Burgos to Sarria)?

    1. Hi Margaret, how lovely to hear from you! I saw that you were back on the dusty trails this year, I hope you have a lovely time and wish that our paths might have crossed again. Next time!
      Looks like you have managed to transfer the blog to WP? I find it easy to use and it suits my needs. Hopefully it will work for you too.
      I hope my little blog entertained you or at least brought back memories! I shall be following you on your travels from Burgos. Take care and buen camino! 🌻

      1. No I haven’t just transferred to WordPress. I did try it as a temporary measure some years back though. I really want to stay with BlogTouch if I can. I’m working on clearing out this iPhone by getting rid of zillions of photos!
        I looked for your blog about the CF last year when we met in Burgos, but didn’t find it. You have travelled lots!

      2. Ah, OK, well if it doesn’t work out at least your WP one does, I have followed it just in case. Would love to read about your camino adventures!
        I never did get around to writing up mine and Nanci’s St Jean to León walk last year so am considering taking a foldable keyboard this time and blogging en route … we’ll see how heavy the pack ends up being with this micropacking.

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