Short winter walk to Melide

(From our walk in late February, early March 2020)

The next day, everything was still wet. Everything. Puddles everywhere. Pretty soon my feet were wet too – a certain Scouse Spouse, on the other hand, had goretex shoes and was very smug and pleased with himself.

We stopped for a good breakfast at a bar just off the camino as we assumed nothing would be open further on. We were right. Luckily it’s only a 15 km walk from Palas to Melide, so it wasn’t too bad. The rain came and went, I pulled my poncho on and off, and a certain Scouse Spouse was doubly smug with this rain jacket and pack cover combo.

I’ve never seen the river by the Casa Domingo albergue – the one with the massive shell on the wall – so huge. The albergue and bar were closed.

In fact everything was closed until we got into town, which was – you guessed it – wet. Didn’t go sightseeing.

Nothing else to do than find our home for the night, check in, shower to get warm, ask for extra blankets to make sure we would be warm during the night, go out to find a warm meal in a warm place (harder than you would think, though it must get cold every year? so no pulpo at the Ezekiel, sadly) and then head back to bed just to stay warm. The only place we found that was really warm, was right around the corner from where we stayed, so we might have had a nightcap there. To get warm, you understand. And to admire the Scottish tartan wallpaper! Apparently there was a logical reason or link there, which was sadly just beyond the reach of the combined might of the barmaid’s English and my Spanish. A mystery to be solved at the next visit!

Now, surely that blistering heat from our first days’ walk would return soon?

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