Top pilgrim tip: Alert Cops app

If you are going to Spain, either as a pilgrim or tourist, I highly recommend that you download the AlertCops app on your mobile phone. It’s easy to set up, and lets you call or send text messages to the nearest police emergency line, specify which language you speak, choose from a number of easy to understand icons to communicate which problem you need help with, and even take and send photos or video of a person or situation you find threatening.

It is easy to register, easy to use, weighs nothing, and could become a lifesaver for yourself or someone else. Please take the time to download it and familiarise yourself with it before you go!

Download links here for Google Play and Apple apps. More information about the app and its uses here. Buen safe camino!

4 thoughts on “Top pilgrim tip: Alert Cops app

    1. It should be in the top ten, or even five. There are shops for everything you might have forgotten, but being able to report a mugging or violence towards yourself or others, is pretty priceless if the situation God forbid should occur.

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