Packing and un-packing list CF 2018

What we brought:


Osprey Talon 33 plus cross body bag

Hoka non goretex trainers plus Teva sandals

Walking trousers plus skirt and one long, one short pair of tights

Merino: Tights, vest, 2 t-shirts, one long sleeve, one zipped jacket, socks, knickers and bra

Fleece sweater

Down jacket

Marmot Precip rain/wind jacket

Poncho, rain trousers, 2 pairs of gaiters, one Dirty Girl Gaiters and one pair ankle goretex 

Peaked cap, warm hat, gloves, scarf and buffs

Sun protective shirt

Dress, normal bra and pretty scarf for evening and days off

Pacerpoles (Dual Lock, highly recommended, never slipped!)

Scouse Spouse:

Osprey Exos 38 plus cross body bag

Salomon goretex mids plus Teva sandals

Walking trousers x 2, one pair zip-off and one not

Merino: Sleeveless top, 2 t-shirts, one zipped jacket, tights, socks and undies

Fleece sweater

Down jacket

Marmot Precip rain/wind jacket

Poncho and rain trousers

Peaked cap, warm hat, gloves, scarf and buff

Sun protective shirt


First aid



Kitchen stuff

Guide books – one Wise Pilgrim, one Brierley maps-only

Happy with:

Just about everything – good packing if I have to say so myself


Both our M&S down jackets, very light, cheap compared to sports brands, perfect

My shoes! No PF, no rain, good grip and large toe box, though mysterious wear

His Exos pack, taking the weight off his shoulders saved our camino


1000 mile socks got bobbly and caused hot spots, have bought better ones


My running tights ripped and were left unusable; would buy and bring again

The dividing lining in my cross body bag ripped beyond repair, threw it away, used his

One of our filter water bottles! Lost in hold of a bus, have bought new and will bring one each again

Bought on the way:

Him – undies and a pair of socks, new gelinsoles because of metatarsalgia

Me – a purple €3.50 umbrella I used for sunprotection on the meseta – brilliant!


Both our fleece sweaters, because we had gorgeous weather; would take again though

My merino vest for warmth, could have used it on hot days but preferred my T-shirt

Hats, gloves, scarves, but would take again

Salt and pepper shaker, spork, oatmeal for yogurts – never needed any kitchen stuff

Changes for next time:

Lighter poncho, since I will take my Precip as a rain/wind jacket (got a Sea 2 Summit one)

Different skirt (found a Fjällräven one on Ebay, very pleased)

Possibly leaving the dress and alternate trousers and skirt depending on weather

Updated guidebooks, not too fond of apps (got the Wise Pilgrim one for the Finisterra leg)

Might take the Allurette, a smaller and lighter Scrubba washing ‘machine’ which also doubles as a drybag


Could still pack lighter, and this time we didn’t bring sleeping bags or silk liners even. Too many spares and unused clothing – but could change if it had gone cold or we were staying in albergues. 

2 thoughts on “Packing and un-packing list CF 2018

    1. That’s interesting, I took the regular Scrubba one time but found it was a bit too big for the amounts of laundry we had as I still preferred to wash the big things like trousers separately or in a machine. The Allurette seems just right for the daily underwear, socks and T-shirt laundry load, good to know others feel the same!

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