CF Day 3 – Viana to Logroño

Getting ready to leave Viana early in the morning – well, early-ish, meaning after David and most other pilgrims were long gone – we were excited about getting to Logroño, as David had mentioned that there was a wine festival there that weekend. Other pilgrims were having problems prebooking beds and rooms there because of the festivities, so we were very pleased we had booked early. A ten km walk seemed like nothing, and our spirits were high. We were hoping the camino wouldn’t take us through soulless industrial areas and we were not disappointed. Most of the way was green and pleasant enough. 

As we crossed the river and turned towards the main square, there was no doubt that something was about to happen, people hustling and bustling and dripping with wine from massive wine fights … We were definitely in the right place. But first things first – find our room. 

It would have been easy but for the masses of people everywhere! I didn’t take any photos as I was busy trying to find our place without losing my husband in the crowds. At long last we found it and did a very quick shower and change to head back out into the melée. 

I had booked our room because it was close to Calle Laurel, the famous tapas street, which was the main reason we wanted to stop in Logroño. As it was, we couldn’t get near the place, all the streets were so full of people. The photos don’t do it justice at all; there was noise, drums, loudspeakers, people thronging everywhere, wine being drunk and slung, the floor was sticky with it and all the young people’s white T-shirts were stained with it. 

In the end we drifted back into the square, and just as we passed a couple got up and left, so suddenly we had prime seats and could sit and people watch to our hearts’ content! Luckily they also served calamares, which would do for lunch. 

Later we tried again to see the city and get near a bar, but gave up in the end and found a quieter place away from the festivities to sit down and have a late meal and a drink. Oh well, we’ll just have to come back some other time and enjoy the tapas!

See? Day 3 and we were already thinking about coming back. That’s the camino for you.  

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