Best laid plans

It was a great plan, one that I still hope will happen one day, soon, this year maybe? But my Celtic camino with my young camiga has been postponed indefinitely because of Life … in this case new life, as she is expecting her first child! The best reason ever to cancel a move and create a home instead.

However I was already deep into planning and packing and had justified it to myself as practical training and gear testing for St Olav’s Walk nearer the summer, so I decided to go anyway, maybe on my own? Maybe a different route? Maybe with someone else? And when I told B, who I met just outside Sarria in September 2015 and walked the Inglés with in July last year, that my Celtic adventure was cancelled, she immediately offered to stand in. And then we started thinking, maybe not the Celtic, since we had walked two of the legs (Bruma-Sigüeiro-Santiago) only six months ago, so maybe … maybe we should go back to where we met, in spring this time, and before Easter, to see it in a different season and with less traffic?

Far be it from me to turn down a Galician walk, so while we checked available dates and flights I decided to add a few days, arriving before my camiga and getting two more days’ walking in, including my all time favourite uphill walk from Herrerias to O Cebreiro. So I have already booked my ALSA bus and accommodation and look forward to the steep, stony, green path leading up to those fantastic views, past the marker as you cross into Galicia and the wonderful village of O Cebreiro.

DSCN1566 Mot O Cebreiro

I will nip into the church and say thank you to Elias, the priest who brought the camino back into the European consciousness and started marking the path with yellow arrows. He is buried in the far left hand corner of the church.

In one evening we had all our accommodation booked, as it can be scarce before Easter, with few albergues open, and we don’t like hurrying to find a bed. Booking twin rooms in our favourite towns allows us to walk at our own pace and not worry about accommodation. Now all that’s left is to get some exercise in, pack and unpack obsessively (yay!) and count down the days.


2 thoughts on “Best laid plans

    1. 18th of March, if all goes well. Meeting my camiga in Sarria for a muddy week, but luckily there will be albarinho!

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