Old idea, new camino tip! 

The soap and shampoo thing has always bothered me. Carrying stuff diluted with water seems silly when there are lighter, solid alternatives. Then again, solid soap and shampoo gets sticky and takes a while to dry between showers, which isn’t ideal when you go from place to place every day. Also there is often nowhere to put them in the shower, and they sometimes fall on the floor. I still prefer solids, but sometimes take a small bottle of liquids because it is easier.

Today while procrastinating it occurred to me that all showers have taps and the soapy stuff could hang off that… Like good old soap-on-a-rope… And I had a light bulb moment! If my Lush shampoo bar could hang off the tap, or even my wrist, that would solve the problem of where to put it, and hang on… It would surely be easier to dry it between uses too!

So I got a bradawl (according to the Scouse Spouse) and gently and slowly drilled a hole in the bar. It didn’t take long. Then I found a short length of bungee and put it through. Here’s my handiwork for the day:

I’m mightily pleased with the idea and look forward to testing it in the field. It will still live in its little container to reduce the risk of leaks, but now I can hang it by my bed for a while to dry before I put it back in the container. What do you think?

Update: Well, I can assure everyone that so far the shampoo-on-a-bungee is working very well! Hanging it off the taps is brilliant as it is not constantly battered with water and there is minimal loss of shampoo in the process. Also three cheers for the Montalbano shampoo bar, it lathers wonderfully and leaves my hair squeaky clean, smelling lovely in the process but without leaving much of a scent in the hair afterwards. Winner!

5 thoughts on “Old idea, new camino tip! 

    1. Thanks! Yes I am feeling rather chuffed and just hope it works as well as I imagine it will. Obviously it will break at some point but I can always save the broken bits and use them at home and take the new(ish) bars on the road.

  1. That’s a good idea.I’ll be interested in seeing how long it stays on the cord. What I have done is take the little mesh bag that garlic cloves sometimes come in, cut off the garlic label, sew over an edge, put a cord through that. Then I put the soap into the bag. That has the advantage that you can put several small pieces of soap. Sometimes I feel a bit silly, as if my camino-packing-detail obsession is showing.

    1. Ooh, I like that! Maybe a combination would work? I shall report back once I get out and about. Not sure about the camino-packing-detail obsession though – surely this is normal? No?

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