Tentative playlist

I guess lots of pilgrims have playlists with them, whether it’s on music players, in their mobile phones or just in their heads. The Radio You is more or less constantly broadcasting, I find, and some tracks are repeated more often than others. I thought I’d actually make a camino playlist this year, dedicated to walking themed or camino relevant (to me, anyway) songs only – and preferably energizing and catchy ones. Let’s say I need 30 songs to make it one per day for a month. This is actually a game we used to play when I walked in 2012 and ’14. Which would you pick or add?

MORNING MOOD: Edvard Grieg – well, I am Norwegian …

HERE COMES THE SUN: The Beatles – every morning, without fail

THE WONDER: Grand Telemark – sunrise feeling on tap

WALKING ON SUNSHINE: Katrina and the Waves – of course!

* SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?: The Clash – surely Orisson’s theme tune? And Spanish as well!

500 MILES: The Proclaimers – what’s 500 miles between friends?

ON THE ROAD AGAIN; Willie, not Canned Heat

IMAGINE: John Lennon – you may say I’m a dreamer …

THANK U: Alanis Morrissette – loved the song before the film, now inextricably linked

WALK ON (with hope in your heart): Gerry and the Pacemakers – you will never walk alone

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT: Billy Joel – for the night walkers and early risers

THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING: Nancy Sinatra – not hers though, not really

WALK THIS WAY: Run DMC and Aerosmith, the odd couple

WALKING ON THE SUN: Smash Mouth – sooo catchy in the heat

AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH: Bouncy version – good pilgrim attitude!

HAPPY: Pharrell – fast becoming The pilgrim classic due to epic video

SOUL MAN: Blues Brothers – Well, yes, anything with soul/sole would make the list. Work that Vibram!

I’M SORRY: The Hothouse Flowers – I added this for my feet after walking on the wrong insoles

WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN: The Bangles – should be fun in the uphill sections

IT’LL BE EASIER IN THE MORNING: The Hothouse Flowers – let’s hope they are right

ROAD TO NOWHERE: Talking Heads – surely a case of Camino Amnesia?

KEEP ON MOVING: Soul II Soul – rule of thumb if every I have heard one



SINGING IN THE RAIN: Gene Kelly – Galicia, anyone?

MY WAY: Frank Sinatra

4 thoughts on “Tentative playlist

    1. Thanks David! Only I just realised I forgot an obvious classic – Happy, as in the Happy Pilgrim video! I will rectify this when I come home, I am currently walking my Virtual Camino to Los Arcos… And there is no place to stop for a while yet!

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